- 300% increased productivity
- Automated predictive VOIP software system
- Free setup and trial
- Fully operated software in less than 24 hours, no matter on your location
- Calls between your employees are free of charge
- 24/7 system maintenance and customer support are free of charge
- Accelerated client-agent connection, reduced waiting time
- Fully automated workflow
- User friendly software and fast call agent training
- Possibility of merging multiple call centers through a central system
- 100% software adjustment to your business

Predictive dialer and CMR

120 work panels for the implementation of all business ideas
Predictive dialer

All types of outbound telephone traffic to clients in the domestic or foreign markets, whether it is manual or automatic calling.
Complete incoming call management with the ability to forward calls to agents, secretaries or administrators.
Client check before connection, status determination and number redirection capability.
Calling of clients works on the principle of automatic calculation of calling statistics which allows the software to decide on the basis of where the clients appear most, then force that campaign (strategic set of client base) or that region (territorial region of populated clients), which contributes to the maximum possible effect work.
Also, the automatic detection of client answering machines greatly contributes to reducing the cost of both minutes spent and agent time that is not wasted on non-negotiable clients.

CMR – Software designed to adapt to the needs of your business

All work panels in the software provide complete scalability and adaptability to features related solely to your product and service offered by your call center.
Using the software eliminates the old-fashioned mode of operation, the use of paper and pencil, as well as any additional and external softwares which are charged extra.
The software includes absolutely everything you need to operate a single call center, from the agent himself, through the secretaries and administration, and the automatic export of data to the client of your services.
We offer a one-stop-shop software cycle that represents a closed circle from the beginning to the end of your business idea.

Multiple types of users and work permissions

In addition to call agents, there can be secretaries, administrators, reporters as well as super administrators.
There are employees who perform quality control via statistics or in real time by listening to the conversation, doubling in the conversation itself,
listening to audio recordings and conference calls where the administrator asks key questions related to the conversation between the agent and the client.
The software also has other workspaces through which administration can generate payment according to users performance, control working hours,
they monitor staff working from home, as well as having an insight into every click of each action.

The number of call center employees is irrelevant

The software is adapted to all types and sizes of the call center.
As the software is fully customizable to your business ideas through work automation, it’s easy to manage call centers that counts more than a few hundred call agents.
For over 100 agents, only one administrator is enough, because the software does most of the work alone.
If you are a call center with fewer employees, or have employees working from home or from remote locations, you also have complete control of your employees.

Merging multiple call centers through a central system

 If you have multiple call centers, in multiple places, cities or in more than one country and you want to merge everything into one autonomous system, then you can do it very easily here.
You have the ability to create one call center yourself, assign agents and assign administrator to agents.
Finally, you merge the call centers so created into one administration that can be controlled by one or more super administrators as needed.
The level of permits depends on your preference, each call center can operate on its own and manage as much as you allow, while the central administration manages all call centers.

Technical requirements

All your employees need to have is one desktop computer or laptop as well as headphones with a microphone.
Most often our clients use used computers because the software does not require expensive investment and machines.
There are no expensive external telephone exchanges and operating softwares.

A software that closes the cycle

Graphic view of the implementation of one business cycle from the ordering of the service by your business client to the concrete realization.
Everything happens on the sotware itself without the use of external tools and softwares.

A business client orders a service from you

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Whether you have your own product or you are developing a product for a client who is a customer of your call center services,
you have tools on the software that allow you to handle all kinds of services in call centers.
Some of them are:

1. Phone Sales
2. Scheduling phone meetings
3. Schedule live meetings
4. Administration of incoming calls in the form of support
5. Administration of incoming calls in the form of sales or surveys
6. All kinds of surveys of incoming and outgoing telephone traffic
7. Telephone conferences
8. Calling between employees of your call center or company
9. Sending Email
10. Sending SMS

Creating a project plan

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The creation of the business idea itself also takes place on our software.
Systematic assessment at the level of previous tasks from similar projects is given in the form of ideas on how to spend manpower as well as work material,
client database or strategic group of people or firms that are being called, assignment of call agents to campaigns with also assigning administrators to project management.
Creating work forms that agents will fill out when calling.
Developing a way to control and track forms throughout the software.
The work form undergoes multiple levels of processing where it is categorized on the basis of quality, contributing better to the quality of the product or service.

Assigning tasks to employees

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Each employee has his or her role in the software, its goal, its superior, and finally its work statistics that determine its success.
Multiple grouping of employees for better control and performance.
Each of the 120 work panels can be assigned to an individual or group, so everyone absolutely works only with the tools assigned to them by their superior.
This avoids the situation of employees working on a complicated software with many tools or to involving more colleagues in the project than their needs,
as well as the most important fact that security on the software is most important and no one can see more than the project requires.

Start calling clients

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The beginning of a telephone call to clients and the commissioning of a project represents the moment from which all softwares for monitoring and statistics, in real time or in the past, are starting to work.
Starting all automatic softwares to assist in the work of call agents, secretaries, administration.
There is a possibility that the client of your services can receive exported statistics of work achievements and work performance, as well as to be granted a special work permit where he can monitor it himself in real time.

Quality control

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The software is built with a lot of knowledge gained from previous experience in quality control.
An advanced software like ours is aware that control can be done not only at the end of a certain period, but also constantly, from time to time in a number of ways
by employees at all levels of responsibility.
The ways the software or administration controls quality:

1. Tracking and log every action in the software (employee clicking or typing on the keyboard)
2. Listening to audio messages (even controlling employee is who's listening, is he listens to the end of an audio recording)
3. By listening to audio sequences, in addition to the main audio recording, employees have the opportunity to record only important audio sequences, special details of the conversation itself
4. Listening-in on an ongoing conversation between an agent and client or between a secretary and a client
5. Listening-in on an ongoing conversation with the ability to whisper to an agent so the client can not hear
6. Listening-in on an ongoing conversation with the ability to whisper to an agent so the client can hear it
7. Adding an automatic audio message at the end of the conversation where the client evaluates the conversation
8. A conference that includes administration into a conversation where an agent can hear what he or she talk about.
Also a conference where the agent leaves the conversation and remains only an administration that ends the conversation, and controls if the agent spoke to the client professionally

Monitoring performance and workspeed

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In addition to manual ways to control the performance of an individual or the entire project, there are also automated processes to control it.
The software itself calculates on the basis of given criteria, and thus decides how to proceed and on what principle.
The software determines the speed of calling clients and what campaigns to call at what time.

Processing and categorizing work achievements

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Every work accomplishment, whether it is a survey or a scheduled appointment, passes after audio control and control of the condition in which it is.
The administration creates possible states of one, for example, scheduled appointment with a client.
After his control, the administration assigns him some of the possible states, in order to do the categorization and later make it easier to search in the software.
Categorization allows for easier manipulation of the data itself, rejection of unnecessary and of course greater attention to the work accomplishments that are relevant to the project.

Export of processed work forms to a business client

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Project and employee performance analysis

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Software maintenance and customer support

24/7 software maintenance and customer support.
Experts in the field of predictive dialer and modern business tools.
We answer all kinds of questions to our software users.
We do all kinds of consulting for call agents and administration in order to be as productive as possible.
Software integrated support is free of charge.

Simple usage at all working layers of the software


Fast user adaptation for all work needs


Greater flexibility in creating a business solution for your business


Fully automated workflow for higher productivity


120 work panels for the implementation of all business ideas and tasks


Possibility of merging multiple call centers through a central system

Order full-featured software for your call center

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120 work panels for all your needs

Call agents


Creating, deleting and editing agent accounts with the adjustment of call and basic parameters.

Work activities

Filter to monitor, edit and add work activities of all users on the software.

Work forms

A filter to search for forms that an agent fills in when talking to a client.

Call statistics

Filter for all types of conversations between agent and client with the ability to listen to audio recrodings.

Work calendar

Multiple changes of daily limit in work calendar that is used when completing the form by the agent.

Form time fill

Defining the time allowed to fill agent forms with alert sounds.


Assigning an agent to a systemically responsible person who will take care of his work through software monitoring.

Agent features

Filter for the management of the flaws and virtues of all software users with the ability to add personal records and observations by the responsible person.

Work goals

Filter agent work accomplishments against predefined work goals.

Call counter

Limiting the agent’s call to the client by type of conversation relative to daily realizations.

Administrative manual entry of forms

Administrative manual entry of forms in favor of a specific agent.

Mentor statistics

Filter for reviewing agent achievements with the help of a responsible person or a mentor.

Agent notes

Defining individual agent notes that are dynamically loaded when talking to a client, to enhance the agent’s verbal performance.

Weekly work goals

Defining weekly agent goals.

Special lists

Filter and define special calling lists created as a result of previously entered work achievements on the software.

Administrative manual client input

Administrative manual entry of a potential client in favor of a specific agent.

Calling configuration

Multiple pairing of work configurations, merging agent accounts and calling campaigns.

User profile pictures

Set up and view profile pictures displayed on the software.

Daily work goals

Defining daily agent goals.

Specialty list statistics

Performance tracking filter as a result of using an earlier list.

Unlocking numbers for manual dialing

Search filter with the ability to unlock and lock software locked numbers to call.



Creating, editing, and deleting client groups for automatic calling while configuring calling and basic parameters.

Calling priorities

View and prioritize campaigns and add-ons to increase calling productivity while allowing the software to decide on its own.

Client uploader

Uploading client phones along with basic client information used when making an automatic call.

Call status counter

View call statuses of all call client groups.

Quick campaigns

Defining so-called fast client groups that are created in order to call one region as quickly as possible.

Campaign configuration

Multiple pairing of work configurations, merging agent accounts and calling campaigns.

Caller ID

Define and view display numbers when calling clients.

Incorrect phone numbers

View and define a campaign that will accept incorrect phone numbers.

Administrative callback

View and multiple client setting to call at specific date and time.

Quick campaign statistics

An overview of agent accomplishments and call attempts within quick call campaigns.

Campaign call mixer

Define agent selection for campaigns in automatic calling mode where the agent otherwise does not have the ability to select campaigns.

Voice messages

Define and view voice messages when calling clients.

Campaign success

Search filter for work accomplishments across client or regional groups.

Refresh clients via zip code

Search clients at the postal code level with the ability to revert to automatic call status.

Customer response statistics

Customer response performance statistics in auto-call mode.

Calling scripts

Define texts that more closely describe the campaigns being called, with the ability to display the agent for insight during automatic calling.

Customer call statuses

View the current calling status of client groups with an overview of further calling, client dispositions with the ability to manually return to call and export numbers.

Refreshing clients through personal information

Search clients via personal information with the ability to reset to automatic call.

Working systems

Current call monitor

Search for real-time agent call states in real time with a system parameter filter.

Control messages on monitoring

Monitoring of current business records for administrative system users.

Configuration of conferences

Filter and set up conference call types between agent, client, and administration.

SMS system configuration

Administratively free texting without the ability to check previous call statuses.

Work calendar update

Limiting an agent or work group when inserting work forms throughout the day.

Search for exported work achievements

Search for exported work outputs through export users.

Email vouchers sending

Sending predefined vouchers to clients from work forms via e-mail.

Exported work achievements

Filter for exported work achievements.

Client SMS / Email Reminder

Automatically send SMS / E-mail reminders some time before pre-arranged appointment.

Agent emailing to client

Sending predefined advertising templates via Email to clients on a working form as well as specially hand-selected clients.

Search call quote

Search for limited agent calls.

Current monitor work achievements

Real-time monitoring of current agent accomplishments with system parameter filters.

Global calling configuration

Multiple configuration of agent accounts and client client groups.

Blocking calls by zip code

Call restriction by region or zip code.

Audio recordings search filter

Call and audio recordings search filter based on the called phone number.

Basic search of work achievements

The basic filter for work achievements, at the level of system parameters.

Meeting schedule filter

Work accomplishment filter by time grouped dates and times.

Non-exported work achievements

The filter of non-exported work achievements proposed by the system for export.

Distribution of leads

Set up, search and distribute leads to specific agents in order to generate work forms.

E-mail servers

Defining and configuring e-mail servers to be used when sending e-mail from the software with the possibility of sending manually or using certain software modules.

Agent quick form fillers

Define, search and export dynamic queries saved for agents that can be found on specific agent workspaces, depending on what type of call.

Monitor for TV

Operating monitoring whose display parameters are defined by users on the system.

Run campaigns automatically

Time setting and editing system times to automatically call a specific client group.

Administrative calling of clients

An administrative phone for manually calling clients with the ability to search for predefined clients within the existing database.

Client blacklists

Basic group of clients who can no longer be called but may at some point return to a call status.

Agent complaints

Agent complaints generated by talking to a client related to some of his / her past experiences with us.

Single search of work achievements

Filter for single search of work achievements via system unique numbers.

Agent improvement of work achievements

Search with the ability to edit returned work achievements to agents in the function of possible refinement or re-calling.

Blocking the export of work achievements

The filter of non-exported work achievements that is defined so that they don’t have a condition for possible export.

Client digital signature

Defining and searching of generated online contracts with the possibility of client signing digitally online according to a specific working template.

Administrative confirmation of client lists

Generation and preview of a list for administrative manual calling of clients, for the purpose of validation of the working achievement.

Administrative timetable

Defining official records whose target may be business planning and structural action.

Free call restriction

Restriction of free (manually) calling clients by agents at the regional parameter level.

Administrative calling without monitoring

Administrative free call to the client without the ability to check previous call statuses.

Client super blacklists

An advanced group of clients who, based on the parameters entered by the agent, set themselves to a call-in state that prevents them from calling. This condition can never be undone.

Company management

Defining a user entity or company that can export agent forms via email or export a specific system profile.

Multiple search of work achievements

Search for work accomplishments across multiple parameter groups.

Agent success in refinement of work achievements

A filter of confirmed work accomplishments that were previously refined with the agent.

Duplicate work achievements

Filter with the ability to create duplicates of a particular work achievement.

Checking the execution of a scheduled work accomplishment

View and generate a list for administrative manual calling of clients for the purpose of finding out how the work achievement was completed.

Call quota

Limit and view agent phone calls based on call type and device type, with settings at the level of individual agent accounts as well as agent groups.


The main call system switch

Monitoring, startup, and shutdown of the client auto-call system.

Calls between system users

Filter, create, edit and monitor system operation for calling system users among themselves.

Work groups

Creating, editing, and defining how agent groups work on the system.

Spent phone minutes

View minutes spent on all types of calls based on multiple selection types.

Outbound/Inbound calls

View and adjust system parameters related to the operation of incoming calls, which are determined by the control of acceptance, forwarding and routing to specific workgroups with the ability to numerically redirect and broadcast voice messages.

Questions that further describe the form

Create, manage, and view dynamic questions generated by administrators regarding a work form.

SMS / E-mail client notification of change of appointment

Define automatic content to send to the client when the status of the his appointment changes.

Agent monitoring of work notifications

Defining agent permissions what type of notifications they may see related to the change in status of the work forms they generated through the client calling.

Automatically call prepared client lists

View, configure, and transfer potential work forms to client lists that are exported to the automated calling system.

Client pinging

Defining and previewing the system for automatically calling customers in the form of advertising campaigns and generating as many incoming calls as possible.

Preview of system logs

Preview of system logs related to programming language, server variables, and background auto-call systems.

Chatting between system users

Filter, create, edit, and monitor system operations for chatting between system users.

Strictly kept data

Special data within one work group that are stored separately in a password protected system.

VOIP providers

Creating and editing SIP call providers with the possibility of multiple involvement in the work, based on regional and call type work.

Types of work achievements

Creating and adjusting the type of work forms that define the existence of agent work creations.

Additional description of work achievements

View and adjust the characteristics of a single working form with the ability to link external data.

Work calendar configuration

Defining and reviewing the work and limits of the automatic work calendar found in the work form.

Administrative monitoring of work forms

A system for defining and monitoring administrative work on a form defined by multiple work actions.

Payment system

Preview and define the operation of the payroll processing system within one work group.

Monitoring administrator manual calling

Define and preview outbound/inbound calls made by the administration.

Monitoring system variables

System variables that describe the operation of the system and the current status relative to the allowed limit.

System user tips

Filter, create, edit and monitor the system for promoting tips.

Users permissions

View, create and edit administrative work permits and orders by type of work panels.

Extended Caller ID Management

View and adjust multiple display numbers based on work orders and call types on the system.

State of work achievements

Creating and adjusting multiple states of work that can be assigned to work form.

Search for additional descriptions of work achievements

Search for the working characteristics of the form.

Email sending work reports

Templates for defining an E-mail to send a report of all status changes to work forms within the work of the administration.

Agent music on hold

Defining audio recodings or radio stations that are played to agents who are waiting for a client to answer them in the case of an automatic call.

Agent control of internet traffic

Preview and define a centralized system for administering and controlling the internet traffic of an agent or workgroup.

Audio messages in conversation

Defining audio recordings that the agent manually plays while talking to a client.

Anti-calling system

Filter and set a ban on calling certain numbers based on the set parameters within the automatic system to restrict the operation of agents.

Main system adjusments

Basic settings of all types of systems for all work groups.

Automatic voice messages

View, create, and run automatic audio recordings that are released to clients according to a specific selection.

Calling countries and regions

View and define calling countries by setting permissions of call type, regional country content, postcodes as well as landline or mobile area codes.

Client dispositions

Set up an agent workspace within the ability to adjust the status of the client disposition after talking to the client.

SMS / Email client confirmation of scheduled appointments

Creating and adjusting templates for sending SMS and E-mail manually to the client in the form of advertising or confirmation content.

Automatic return of work achievements for confirmation

Defining the automatic return of work forms to the agent workspace with the condition of also automatic take back in order to confirm the form.

Adjustment of work monitoring

Adjustment media and the type of data that will be displayed to the administration on dynamic monitoring.

Detection of agent bad calling

Detection of possible agent mismanagement of an automatic calling work system.

Age control of clients

Age control of clients as part of the agent generation of a work form.



A dynamic system for accepting newly generated work forms by agents. Multiple possibility of review and processing with the use of administrative work filters related to changing the status of the work form and its content type. Set up and forward a work form to the export system after processing it.


An automated system for monitoring status messages defined by the system for the purpose of administrative reaction to the content of the message itself. Multiple filters for viewing messages with the ability to generate systemic responses and suggestions to resolve the diagnosed problem.


Review and processing of exported work forms entered through the external work software for entering complaints. Administrative processing of the complaint with multiple filters and the possibility of updating the work form after the reclamation has been processed.


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